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In our industry, the quality and availability of your parent roll raw materials are integral to your business success. This is something we understand and value at Bataan 2020, which is why we take utmost care and precision in serving your expectations.

The term “20/20 vision” is used to describe good visual clarity and sharpness, which was the inspiration to our name and what we do. We continue to move forward as we add to our offerings a sodium silicate production plant, a 12.5 MW biomass co-generation power plant, and a 2.85 meter steel yankee dryer tissue machine.

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We operate our businesses with a focused vision to serve with excellence. In all that we do, we seek to maintain the highest level of professionalism to be humble and ready to serve our customers. Striving to always put people first, we support the professional and personal development of our employees towards being responsible leaders in the community.

It is our belief that responsible production leads to sustainable consumption. We strive to keep our carbon footprint at its minimum by running environmentally sustainable and efficient operations.

At the core of Bataan 2020 is care and respect for the environment in both spirit and functional form. From our recycling operations to the renewable energy that powers it, sustainability comes hand-in-hand with the value we strive to create.

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What we offer

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Printing and Writing

For everyday communication, learning, and creative expressions

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Renewable Packaging

For safeguarding consumer goods and priceless items

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For daily news and other publications

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Produced excellently for hygiene and personal care

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Liquid Sodium Silicate

For adhesive and detergent applications

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