We are looking for people who have a passion to affect change; people who seek to see things in new perspectives and who are able to turn challenges into opportunities.

The work we do here makes a difference; this is your chance to be a part of it.

Available jobs

Title Apply by Business Area
Corporate Human Resource Manager 03/07/2017 Samal Plant
Drives Specialist 03/01/2017 Samal Plant
Electrical Supervisor 03/01/2017 Samal Plant
Instrument Engineer 03/01/2017 Samal Plant
Maintenance Planner 03/01/2017 Samal Plant
Master Data Analyst 04/02/2020 Baesa and Samal Plant
Millwright 03/01/2017 Baesa Plant
Mobile Equipment Mechanic 03/01/2017 Baesa Plant
Preventive Maintenance Lubeman 04/02/2020 Samal Plant
Production Planner 03/01/2017 Baesa and Samal Plant
Quality Management Systems Engineer 03/15/2017 Samal Plant
Shift Supervisor 03/01/2017 Samal Plant
Trucking Coordinator 03/01/2017 Baesa Plant
Warehouse Section Head 04/02/2020 Baesa Plant

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