Corporate Human Resource Manager

Human Resources | Samal Plant


  • Heads the overall Human Resource Management processes covering company head office and satellite manufacturing/business site(s)
  • Reports to Top Management and Executives on the Human Resource related status of the company
  • Plans, organizes and controls company quality objectives and initiates strategic planning reviews to generate vision, goals and targets for the company
  • Establishes effective performance management systems and ensures comprehensive performance appraisals and employee recognition program
  • Devises and administers industry-based pay-plans, compensation and benefits programs including job functions-salary leveling structures
  • Designs a comprehensive training and development programs for a lean and multi-skilled workforce
  • Structure job description and functional structure that prepares core skills and knowledge geared up to higher level positions through Succession Planning Program
  • Establishes efficient hiring system, builds and develops a robust organizational structure
  • Heads the acquisition, pooling and development of young talents through the implementation of Management Trainee Program
  • Designs competitive employee retention program
  • Administers employee discipline, grievance management, employee feedback mechanisms and counseling activities
  • Authors and implementer of Company Rules and Regulations Policy Handbook
  • Leads the safety and security, health, utilities and general administrative functions of the company
  • Prepares budgets and allocate resources for the human resource management workforce and programs
  • Organizes employee engagement, motivation, empowerment and other human relations programs
  • Engages in corporate/community social responsibilities and outreach activities to build company image on the concerned locality
  • Heads compliance to government, legal and labor laws and regulations
  • Develops a culture of excellence, integrity and positive working environment


Educational Attainment:

  • BS/MS in Human Resources or Related Field

Skills and Competency Requirements: 

  • In depth knowledge of effective tools on Organizational Development, Performance Management Systems, Employee Relations, Hiring and Recruitment, Compensation and Benefits and Organization Functions and Succession Planning
  • Strong Management and Leadership Skills
  • Excellent Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • High Managerial Courage and Decision-Making Skills


  • Minimum of 5 years working experience as HR Manager