Drives Specialist

Electrical and Instrumentation | Samal Plant

The Drives Specialist is primary responsible for the upkeep of the desired uptime and performance of Variable Speed Drives, Quality Control System, Winder Controls, Programmable Logic Controllers and Electronic or Microprocessor based equipments ensuring proper operation, maintenance and calibration in order to fully support the mill requirements.

He/she also assists the department in the maintenance activities or an equipment repair that requires his/her expertise.

He/she makes sure that Drives Technicians are trained and properly equipped with knowledge and is evaluated periodically to ensure growth and development.


Product Quality and Operational Efficiency

  • Maintains Quality Control Systems (QCS) uptime by ensuring that all peripherals are well maintained and calibrated and conducts verification of moisture, basis weight, and caliper sensors.
  • Initiates in-depth study of QCS and Variable Frequency Drives on process variability or any encountered problem and recommend corrections or improvements to reduce variability to the desired minimum or to prevent recurrence of problem
  • Performs periodic servicing of AC and DC Motors and controls of various Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
  • Conducts periodic speed calibration and checking of drives
  • Ensures check-up of rectifier stacks of Variable Frequency Drives
  • Inspects and services the Programmable Logic Control Panel of field instrument controls and conducts configuration and verification of various loops controls
  • Conducts monthly review of spare parts and initiates immediate orders to ensure spare parts are available.
  • Reviews and counter checks Drives Technician Checklist and Maintenance Roadmap.
  • Works and coordinates with other department’s Supervisors and Operators
  • Monitors and maintains sections monthly fixed cost within budget (Drives and other electronic parts).

Trouble Shooting and Maintenance

  • Plans and implements long term and short term Preventive Maintenance activities for Drives, QCS, PLC, Winder and all Microprocessor or Electronic based equipment
  • Ensures maintenance of Drives Test Instruments (Tachometers) coordinating certification by accredited party.

Continuous Improvement

  • Initiates system upgrade and upkeep control system.
  • Updates self and Drives Technician to latest control technology by attending technical training and seminars.
  • Identifies process and systems improvement on the area of responsibility

Safety and Housekeeping

  • Upkeeps and supervises the order and cleanliness of all VFCR and PLC Rooms and ensure practice of 7S program.

Staff Supervision

  • Trains, mentors and coaches Drives Technician, administers disciplinary action as applicable
  • Assist Drives Technician in times of machine troubles.
  • Conducts performance appraisals for Drives Technician and feedbacks results for growth and development

Management Systems Compliance

  • Awareness and compliance to policies and procedures as required by the ISO 9001 Standards and other standards implemented in the mill.

Operational Continuity

  • Assures the continuous operations of all VFD and PLC controls mill wide.
  • Relieves and performs task of Electrical Supervisor, Instrumentation Supervisor and EID Planner when needed.
  • Familiarizes with the duties and responsibilities of Technical Assistant
  • Performs related function that may be assigned by immediate superior from time to time


Educational Attainment: 

  • Graduate of Electronics Major either BS Electrical Engineering / BS Electronics and Communications Engineering / BS Information Technology

Skills and Competency Requirements: 

  • Computer Literate
  • Ability to Design Control Diagram
  • Ability to Perform Simple Logic Diagram
  • Ability to Interpret P&I Diagram
  • Knowledge in Programmable Logic Control
  • Knowledge in Inverter Duty Motors and DC motors


  • Minimum 2 years Experience Drives Technician
  • Minimum 2 years Experienced Instrumentation Technician
  • Minimum of 5 years experience as High Voltage Electrical Technician