Instrument Engineer

COGEN | Samal Plant

The Instrument Engineer is directly responsible for the supervision of the routine maintenance inspection and implementation including repair and reconditioning of various parts or accessories of instrument equipment.

He/she is in charge of ensuring calibration and verification of all control valves and transmitters and is also responsible for the supervision for the protection devices or systems to ensure equipment and systems proper operation and safety.

He/she ensures that applicable training is provided to personnel under his area of responsibility and that appraisals and evaluation are conducted periodically to ensure employee growth and development


Product/Service Quality and Operational Efficiency

  • Supervise Instrument Technician in the routine inspection and evaluation of plant wide instrument systems (controls, equipment, machinery, utilities) and various types of air pressured-powered instruments in all operating areas of the plant. With the aid of instrument testing devices suited for the purpose, works out troubles and defects as may be detected. Reports to team leader, if needed.
  • Supervise Instrument Technician in the repairs/replacement of defective/damaged part of instrument equipment and performs satisfactory repairs on defective instrument systems, equipment and machinery to maintain proper continuity of operation.
  • Supervise Instrument Technician in accomplishing regular and accurate preventive maintenance checklists and forms, for proper monitoring and record purposes.

Trouble Shooting and Maintenance

  • In times of power failure, attends to troubleshooting instrumentation system failures. Makes immediate actions and determines the nature and extent of repairs. Prepares the necessary materials and tools assures proper completion of the work.
  • In times of operational shutdown, works out scheduled tasks through the directions and instructions of the Team Leader.

Continuous Improvement

  • Identifies and recommends applicable improvement plans and projects on the area of responsibility

Safety and Housekeeping

  • Oversees the safety regulation of his staff including wearing of safety paraphernalia and the way they worked with regards to their safety.
  • Ensures cleanliness of work place under his area of responsibility

Staff Supervision

  • Responsible for training of Instrument Technician in the field of calibration and repairs of all control valves, Controllers, and different kinds of transmitters
  • Appraises and evaluates the performance of Senior Instrument Technician and Instrument Technician

Management Systems Compliance

  • Awareness and compliance to policies and procedures as required by the ISO 9001 Standards and other standards implemented in the mill.

Operational Continuity

  • Performs other related functions that may be assigned by immediate superior from time to time


Educational Attainment:

  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering, B.S. in Electronics and Communication Engineering or B.S. Industrial Technology, Major in Electronics or its equivalent experience.

Skills and Competency Requirements:

  • Computer literate, able to design control diagram, can perform simple logic diagram and can interpret P & I Diagram. Knowledge in Pneumatic & Electronics PID Controls


  • At least two (2) years experience in an Industrial Process Instrument Maintenance.