Preventive Maintenance Lubeman

Mechanical Maintenance | Samal Plant

The Preventive Maintenance Lubeman is fully responsible in the over-all lubrications systems of the mill conducting inspection of all operating machinery and equipment of the plant and maintaining proper lubrications to ensure effective and efficient performance.


Product/Service Quality and Operational Efficiency

  • Conducts checking of grease and oil guns to ensure accurate level and right lubricant are available
  • Conducts lubrication activities to machines adding oil as needed, removing wastes greases and applying new ones for bearings including checking of all lubricating parts and lines
  • Performs routine inspection of machines not included in the schedule to detect leaks, contamination, vibration, heat, oil level and grease and adds lubricant if necessary.
  • Ensures that all needed tools and equipments for the performance of the job are available and prepared
  • Monitors and maintains lubrications and grease supply inventory and coordinates with Supervisor for purchase and replenishments
  • Reports any damage or abnormalities found during inspection and lubrication activities to the Supervisor.
  • Records all necessary data on the lubrication and monitoring reports.

Trouble Shooting and Maintenance

  • Performs preventive maintenance of all scheduled machines and equipment assisting in repairing damaged machine or equipment and lubricates as needed.
  • Checks all scheduled equipment for inspection and performs preventive maintenance of machines which cannot be lubricated when under operation
  • Checks all oil level and greases of all machines, motors and equipments during scheduled shutdowns

Continuous Improvement

  • Ensures proficiency with the type of equipment to be lubricated, the proper and right lubricants and proper lubrication process
  • Suggest further improvement in machine and equipment lubrication and monitoring of usage to increase efficiency and life.

Safety and Housekeeping

  • Cleans designated area after work; special tools and equipment in the mill should likewise be cleaned.
  • Follows safety precautions to be followed in the performance of the job

Management Systems Compliance

  • Awareness and compliance to policies and procedures as required by the ISO 9001 Standards

Operational Continuity

  • Familiarizes with the duties and responsibilities of PM Millwright
  • Keeps updated with the latest technology and innovation on the field of lubrications
  • Performs other related functions which may be assigned by the superior from time to time.


Educational Attainment: 

  • Trade or Vocational Course graduate or its equivalent


  • Minimum of 2 years experience in Maintenance field