Quality Management Systems Engineer

Quality Management Systems Department | Samal Plant

This position is responsible for the establishment, implementation and sustenance of all management systems standards in the mill assisting the Quality Management Systems Manager. He/she shall be involved in the creation, revision and implementation of ISO 9001, implementation of Customer-required management systems. He/she shall also serve as the over-all document controller for the documents and records of the management system

The incumbent of the position is accountable for promoting culture of continuous innovation and improvement and the champion in reduction of product and process variation. He/she shall conduct coaching and training activities for continual improvement projects. In addition, the incumbent shall establish the statistical process control and analyze the products and process parameters in order to recommend process and product improvements and make periodic reports of the analyses to concerned authorities.


Service Quality and Operational Efficiency

  • Assists the monitoring and tracking down of all levels of departmental documentations aligned to the requirements of ISO 9001, and other customer-required standards
  • Participates in the management systems audits conducted in the mill, assists in the preparation of audit plans, including dissemination of information to auditors and confirmation of audit availabilities of concerned parties
  • Administers implementation of Corrective and Preventive Action procedure, tracks issuance and closing of CPAR, conducts regular closing meeting activities with the department concerned and prepares periodic reports on the status
  • Assists in the preparation of Management Review reports for QMS
  • Performs recording of minutes for QMS Review and tracks downs closing of action items raised during QMS Management Review
  • Prepares presentation materials for QMS Trainings such as ISO 9001 Trainings, Auditors Trainings, Problem Solving Tools, Continual Improvement Programs and Statistical Process Control, etc and facilitates trainings as needed
  • Conducts gap analysis as needed to evaluate compliance of procedures and processes to management systems standards and customer requirements
  • As document controller, in charge of maintenance of Document Control Center and its functions ensuring that documents are reviewed and approved prior to registration and distributions are performed as required
  • Ensures retrieval of records schedule is implemented as defined and that quality records are safe kept and filed.
  • Participates in second and third party audits assisting the QMS Manager, as applicable

Continuous Improvement

  • Leads and participates in continual improvement projects and spearhead project execution and implementation
  • Conducts periodic coaching of continual improvement projects
  • Prepares training materials and conducts continual improvement trainings
  • Identifies critical processes and parameters and sets up statistical process control systems
  • Monitors and maintains operational statistical process controls, analyze process capabilities and formulates action plans for low process capabilities
  • Periodically prepares and reports results of analysis of process and product SPC parameters performance
  • Coordinates with Technical Services Departments and Operations Departments for completion of actions related to continual improvement and statistical process control projects
  • Initiates quality management systems campaigns, promotional and information dissemination activities and programs

Safety and Housekeeping

  • Awareness and compliance to company‚Äôs health and safety program
  • Performs good housekeeping practices on the area of

Management Systems Compliance

  • Implementer and advocate of all management systems standards in the mill

Operational Continuity

  • Familiarizes with the duties and responsibilities of the Quality Systems Manager
  • Performs other related functions which may be assigned by immediate superior from time to time
  • Keeps abreast and well informed on the latest version of management systems standards and quality tools


Educational Attainment:

  • Graduate of any Engineering Course, license not required but is an advantage

Skills and Competency Requirements:

  • Knowledge of ISO 9001 Standards
  • Knowledge of Basic Statistical Process Control
  • Knowledge of Continual Improvement Program
  • Knowledge of Quality Tools
  • Training and Facilitation Skills
  • Proficiency in verbal and written communications


At least two (2) years of working experience in manufacturing set up