Shift Supervisor

Rewinding | Samal Plant

He/she is responsible for the supervision of effective and efficient operation of the Tissue Rewinder Machine ensuring compliance to customer requirements for hard rolls

He/she is responsible for coordinating with the TSD and Paper Machine Department on the concerns affecting Rewinder Department operations and objectives.

He/she sees to it the adherence of his crew member to management systems, company rules and regulations and other implementing procedure conducting appropriate coaching, mentoring and appraisals of his team.


Product Quality and Operational Efficiency

  • Ensures that all paper specifications being produced is in accordance with the Internal Machine Order (IMO) and production schedule including delivery schedules through coordination with TSD, Sales and Outbound Logistics
  • Generates Shift Production Reports and sends correspondence through company mail or text messages to concerned departments and managers
  • Reviews production operations and machine performance and through signing off at Rewinder Production Report
  • Participates in the preparation of personnel schedules and assists Team Leader in conducting performance evaluation of personnel under his responsibility.
  • Coordinates with the Team Leader in overseeing machine shutdown and start-up.
  • Conducts daily roving activities at regular intervals during his shift to see to it that process parameters, quality specifications, set-up and operational procedures, energy conservation programs, improvement initiatives, and other department policies and regulations are complied with
  • Endorses to the next Supervisor all instructions or concerns from his shift

Trouble Shooting and Maintenance

  • Reviews conduct of daily preventive maintenance activities (CLAIR) and coordinating with Services and Team Leader for any abnormalities
  • Follows up with Services for status of repairs, maintenance and improvements concerning the Rewinder Machine

 Staff Supervision

  • Leads the Rewinder Department, assisting the Team Leader, and supervises adherence to company policies, rules and regulations of personnel under his area of responsibility
  • Conducts coaching, mentoring and administers disciplinary actions through serving of Request for Written Explanation Form to erring employee whenever necessary.
  • Responsible for the training of newly hired crew members under his supervision.

Continuous Improvement

  • Spearheads machine optimization, quality improvements and other continual improvement projects to meet the objectives and KPIs set for the department
  • Participates in continuing department planning and organization

 Safety and Housekeeping

  • Maintains cleanliness and good housekeeping at Rewinder Section
  • Performs daily activities following the company’s safety standards

 Management Systems Compliance

  • Awareness and compliance to policies and procedures as required by the ISO 9001 Standards and all other standards implemented at the mill

 Operational Continuity

  • Familiarizes with the duties and responsibilities of Team Leader
  • Performs other related functions, which may be assigned by the superior from time to time



Educational Attainment:

  • 4-years College Graduate or equivalent years of experience

Skills and Competency Requirements:

  • Knowledge of manufacturing set up
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications
  • Strong Leadership skills
  • Proficient in Verbal and Written Communications


  • Minimum of 2 years in paper making industry or related field