Warehouse Section Head

Warehouse and Logistics | Baesa Plant

To oversee all the operations of Outbound Section in fulfilling Sales Orders, Material request, return to Vendors and all outbound inventory transactions. To help plan, implement, and control the effective and efficient flow, the shipment of products and related items between the warehouse and customers, warehouses and departments, in order to meet their requirement.


  • Directs & Supervises over-all operation of the Outbound Section
  • Proposes and executes Outbound Section work schedules
  • Proposes route plans and truck schedules
  • Ensures subordinates tasks are being done in compliance with the approved systems and procedures
  • Coordinates with Sales Department on delivery plans and schedules
  • Coordinates with Sales & Purchasing Department on plans and schedules for export shipment
  • Ensures compliance to existing ordinances, laws, restrictions, and legislations related to traffic routes taken by the delivery vehicles
  • Ensures that all drivers and delivery vehicles have proper licenses and documentations
  • Reviews and acts on End-of Day Report
  • Liaise with truckers regarding issues and concerns
  • Prepares and submits periodic reports
  • Review trucking invoices and recommends approval and/or adjustments
  • Approves Trip Tickers and Trip Summary Report and trucking related documents
  • Recommends plans and programs that will enhance productivity of the section and personnel as well


Educational Attainment: 

  • Graduate of any business-related course

Skills and Competency Requirements: 

  • Has strong people management and collaborative leadership
  • Proficient skills in organizing tasks, planning, and executing activities as well as organized reporting abilities


  • Minimum of 1 year experience in similar field