Bataan 2020, Inc. is a pioneer in the local paper making industry with a wide dynamic range of products being manufactured in our mills. Our strength lies in our flexibility to produce a wide variety of grades, from white printing and writing paper to brown packaging paper, and lightweights to high basis weight paper.

   Printing and Writing Paper

Virgin Pulp Solutions

We use virgin pulp sourced from sustainably managed forest plantations to produce high quality paper for printing and writing. We offer a diverse range of thickness for varied uses.

Uncoated Wood Free Paper (White)

Brightness at 92 ISO Brite

GSM: 50, 56, 60, 70, 85, 100, 110, 140

Uncoated Woodfree Paper (White-Vellum Finished)

Brightness at 92 ISO Brite

GSM: 95, 110

Uncoated Woodfree Paper (Coloured)

Available colours: Canary, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange

GSM: 54

Index Board (Coloured)

Available colours: Canary, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Golden Yellow

GSM: 110, 140

Recycled Fibre Solutions

We also use recycled fibre from segregated white printed paper to produce printing and writing solutions.

Econo Bond (White)

Brightness at 80 ISO Brite

GSM: 45, 56, 70, 120

Econo Mimeo (White)

Brightness at 80 ISO Brite

GSM: 54, 60, 70

   Industrial Packaging

Using recycled fibre from segregated old corrugated cartons, we produce durable and practical solutions for industrial packaging.


GSM: 140, 150, 170

Corrugating Medium

GSM: 105, 115, 150

Recycled Kraft Paper

Using pre and post consumer corrugated cartons, we produce the most durable kraft paper in the market.

Kraft Paper (Brown/Unbleached)

GSM: 45, 53, 63, 70, 80

Lining Paper (Brown/Unbleached)

GSM: 63

Envelope Paper (Brown/Unbleached)

GSM: 75, 90, 105, 150




Using recycled fibre from old newspapers and other similar fibre, we produce recycled newsprint products that are ideal for newspaper printing and other related needs. Available basis weights are 45, 48.8, and 52 gsm.


We produce Liquid Sodium Silicate, in high and low baume, ideal for uses various industries including steel, powdered detergent, food, adhesive, ceramics, and paper making.

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