Striving for positive impact

At Bataan 2020, we believe that responsible production leads to sustainable consumption. From our ethically-sourced raw materials, innovative re-use of our waste to create new products, to the production of our own power and steam through renewable bio fuels; this is our commitment to the environment and the role we play to curb climate change.

As an industry, we manage the “urban forest” of Metro Manila by recycling 780,000 tons of its paper waste each year. In doing so, we keep this amount out of city land fills and provide livelihood for multiple sectors of society. From your local “bote-dyaryo” collector, to the neighborhood junk shops and materials recovery facilities. We take these concerted efforts upon ourselves to keep our community and environment clean.

Sourcing renewable raw materials

On products where we use virgin pulp fibers, we take strict measures to source these from sustainably managed forest plantations. These ensure that our paper products contribute to the preservation of forests, and protect the environment.

Bataan2020, Inc. runs carbon neutral operations through bio-fuels UNFCCC registered, and is a recipient of carbon credits.

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